RH Freeman - the company

We first opened our doors in 1946. Today R H Freeman provides New Zealand’s foremost precision sheet metal production engineering and laser cutting service, working from our purpose built facility in Wellington.

A team approach

Our twofold work philosophy is quite simple:

  • We like to think of our customers as our business partners - if our customers do well then so will we.
  • If we provide great service and great quality then our customers will come back again.

So far this philosophy hasn't let us down.

Our customers like the fact that we can be totally flexible. We can carry out the whole process from start to finish, or just do a small part, whatever works best.

The R H Freeman team

The R H Freeman team is under the leadership of general manager Kevin Tennant, technical manager Terry Houghton and production manager Michael Elgort.

Our 50 staff look after the whole production process and include engineers, CNC operators, programmers, draftspeople, welders, metal finishers and press operators.

A part of something bigger

R H Freeman & Co Ltd is owned by the Tiri Group of companies. The group comprises a diverse group of ten manufacturing and distribution businesses based in New Zealand, offering a wide range of products and services which include:

  • engineering solutions
  • iron manufacturing
  • electrical products including insulators
  • sheet metal and laser cutting services
  • containment systems
  • roofing and waterproofing solutions
  • conveyor systems
  • pump solutions
  • rubber products
  • lawn mowers and outdoor living products, and
  • wallcovering products.

Each company works autonomously within the Group but has ability to access the wider corporate intelligence as required.

In addition to his role at R H Freeman, Kevin Tennant is Chief Executive Officer at Tiri Group.

“Freemans produce around 250 different products for us - that’s a lot of product. Our R & D teams work very closely together - between them coming up with the ultimate preferred designs that work for both of us.

We like that they are a “one stop shop” - from developing the initial drawings through to having the finished product delivered to our warehouse. Generally the whole process runs very smoothly, with a quality product arriving on-time.

They’re a very responsive company offering us the best value-for-money around.”

Ronnie Ryan
Logistics Manager
RPS Switchgear Ltd