Where do we start?

Here’s the process we would typically go through to develop a new product.

  1. Customer advises of new project. Overview discussion of concept regarding what is possible and time frames.
  2. Customer completes detailed drawings while RHF reviews them. Alternatives or cheaper ways to manufacture product may be recommended.
  3. Customer orders prototype.
  4. RHF produces manufacturing drawings and builds a first off sample.
  5. Prototype delivered to customer.
  6. Customer checks out prototype and assembles into final product.
  7. Customer and RHF review final product. Changes discussed to improve manufacturing and assembly processes, and other improvements identified.
  8. Depending on changes required, further prototype is manufactured and/or limited production runs made.
  9. Quality issues, improvements etc discussed and implemented before regular production commences.
  10. Regular production.
  11. Regular follow up contact to ensure any quality, packaging, delivery and service issues are dealt with.